måndag 5 september 2016

When will the arabstates manage on their own?

Will there ever be peace in the muslim majority World? When will the fighting end?

How many more men from USA, Europe and the Western World will have to die on the soil of muslim majority countries before there will be peace?

How many migrants from the Muslim World will there be in the Western World?  How many mosques?
Will it go on forever?

How many muslims will there be in Europe so many pouring into the continent?
How many into all the Western World? Why so many men? Do not women suffer from war and lack of food and water?

Why are there no women escaping the muslim majority World on their own?
Why do muslim women follow their men and the same ideology as in the country they say they are escaping?
Why go on living according to the same rules as in the countries left behind?

Why do muslim men escape their countries instead of fighting against terrorists?
Why do westerners and those not muslims fight against terrorists instead of the men leaving? Why do not muslim men in the Western World train themselves and go to their countries fighting as soldiers in order to free their homelands fromt terrorism and terrorists?

How much money will Europe, U.S.A. and all the Western World have to pay to help the muslim majority World?
Why is there no change despite all help? When will it all end and how?

What is the point helping a few coming to Europe and USA, so many left behind?
Why helping a few from countries with a majority muslims becoming majority in the non-muslim World?

Why changing not muslim countries into majority muslim countries? If not in order to destroy the non muslim World.
Strange that UN, EU and Governments in the Western World allow.

lördag 3 september 2016

FN:s konvention och verkligheten om barns rättigheter.

Hur stämmer verkligheten med FN:s barnkonvention?

Artikel 2 slår fast att alla barn har samma rättigheter och lika värde. Ingen får diskrimineras. Barnkonventionen gäller för alla barn som befinner sig i ett land som har ratificerat den.
 Fråga :
1. Kommer majoritet manliga och muslimer från Afghanistan och Afrika.
2. Kvinnorna är kvar. Fast de är förtryckta. 
3. Majoriteten kvinnor som kommer liksom männen följer islam.
4. Minoritet judar och kristna och andra utan politiskt inflytande i länder med muslimsk majoritet. 
 5. Det görs ingen ålderskontroll. Godtas bara det, som personen ifråga påstår. Skillnad i kontroll mot befolkningarna i de länder, som det kommer så många unga män till från arabvärlden.


Kan inte kallas att ha samma rättigheter och lika värde.

Artikel 3 anger att det är barnets bästa som ska komma i främsta rummet vid alla åtgärder som rör barnet. Begreppet ”barnets bästa” är konventionens grundpelare och har analyserats mer än något annat begrepp i barnkonventionen. Vad som är barnets bästa måste avgöras i varje enskilt fall.
Fråga : Hur är det med alla de, som inte får komma och främst flickor? Lider de inte av krig och nöd som pojkar? Är det bara någras bästa som räknas och främst pojkar och islamtrogna?

 Vilka barns bästa? När det mest kommer unga män och muslimer.

  • Artikel 6 säger att varje barn har rätt att överleva, leva och utvecklas. Artikeln handlar inte bara om barnets fysiska hälsa utan också om den andliga, moraliska, psykiska och sociala utvecklingen.      
  • Fråga. Varför så få flickor från den islamska världen till den icke-muslimska?

Kan inte påstås att varje barn har samma rätt.

  • Artikel 12 handlar om barnets rätt att uttrycka sina åsikter och få dem beaktade i alla frågor som berör barnet.
  • Fråga: Bara pojkar som får uttrycka åsikter? Vilken kritik existerar i islamska länder? Vilken yttrandefrihet råder där? Bara islam är tillåtet.

Kan inte kallas yttrandefrihet.

Helping Africa and the Arabstates instead of Europe.

Neither Africa, the Middle-East nor Asia suffered attacks by the Nazi regime. Nor were they occupied by Soviet-Union like european states.

EU was meant for Europe. Now Eu is helping arabstates and the muslim majority world instead of european countries in need.  This is unjust and should not be.

Why is not Africa developing? Why are not the arabstates? Instead populations and problems only are increasing despite of so much help.
Africa and the Arab states rely on and seems to depend on help from Europe as well as from U.S.A. and the rest of the Western World instead of developing. It seems as if they will never manage to support themselves.

African and Arabstates not helping each other. Just fighting each other and others. Seemingly for ever.
The support from developed countries not changing things to the better. Things just growing worth Taking what in fact belongs to Europe.

Neither Africa nor any muslim majority nation suffered Naziockupation. Still they get support instead of countries attacked by the Nazi regime and suffering Soviet Union communist terror.

Muslim countries are  against the same as the Nazis were. Still getting that much help instead of countries in Europe suffering from Nazism and Communism.

It is unacceptable of EU demanding from countries in Europe suffering from attacks by the Nazis and ockupation by Soviet Union to help countries being dictatorships oppressing the same as the Nazis and Soviet Union.

It is not fair. Juncker and EU today attacking Europe as the Junkers-Stukas during the WW2. History repeating itself.

tisdag 23 augusti 2016

Sweden? First in Europe to be an islamic state?

Which european country will become the first european islamic state? Most probably answering that Sweden will.

Sweden seemingly is very popular in Africa, the Mid-East, Central-Asia and all of the muslim World. Takes no professor to understand.

The country and its population almost as much in danger and helpless as the yazidis in the Middle East. Not yet in such a danger as when being in the minority.

Seems as if most of the Swedish people do not care about what might happen. So far no serious measures being taken to stop the growth anyway.
Majority seemingly not believing in  a " Muslim take over " or in german a: " Muslim Machtübernahme. "
Majority saying like Angela Merkel in Germany : " We can. " " We´ll fix it. " " Mosques belong to Europe. "

Still there is just a small minority of non-Muslims in most muslim states. Being oppressed and without political influence.

Being in the majority is one thing. Being in the minority is another.

måndag 22 augusti 2016

Destroying Sweden. Spreading the slums into the developed world.

Groups of young men from Afghanistan and the arab world walking around, sitting, sleeping in the streets in the center and suburbs of Stockholm, Capital of Sweden. No jobs, no education. Just coming. The slums growing.

Sweden is a very open and democratic country. Most swedes are very helpful and good. However it seems as if most are missing what happens to their country. All of Europe and all of the western world seemingly doing the same.

Reading that some 1,2 billion citizens in the developing world now are living in the slums.
There are as many in slums in the cities in the developing world as the population in the developed.

" Build, build, build. " - local politicians crying out.
Being said there is lack of  everything in Sweden, although Sweden is a welfare state.

Swedish governments doing all possible to catch up.
Sweden being a world famous welfare state, enjoying peace and progress for two centuries. Doing all it can to satisfy the growing needs, as immigration is growing.
Lots of buildings being built, adding numbers of teachers, adding economical support nationally as worldwide.
Constant failing to satisfy the growing demands. Constantly lagging behind. Lack being constant as is growing immigration.

A race between demands of growing influx of people and mostly men from outside Europe and the swedish authorities and people doing everything catching up.
Some 90% of the increase of world population taking place in the developing world. Lacking welfare. Looking for better lives in the world with only 10% of the world population enjoying welfare.
Developing world adding some 80 million per year to its population. Africa adding some 441 million and Asia some 975 million 2002-2025. Although not being able to provide for all in 2016.
Migration growing.

Sweden loosing the race. As do all of the industrialized. As there is slum in the developing world, the slums will grow in all of the developed. As long as immigration into the developed world from the developing is growing, so will the slums in the developed.
Already obvious to most, however not to all.

It is clear the developing world has to change, being responsible. If not all the world will become a world of growing slum.

fredag 19 augusti 2016

Imams ruling Europe?

What is the future of Europe? Will imams rule Europe?

There was a school for imams in Dresden during the Second World War. Today there are a lot of more muslims in Europe than ever before.

Will there be imams or mullahs ruling Europe instead of the laws so far?
What will the part of  EU be? Will the EU-administration be shut down after a Machtübernahme?What will happen to NATO?

What is the point letting so many muslims into Europe otherwise? Will not lead to anything better in Europe or in the countries migrants leaving for Europe. Nor to anything different from that in islamic states. Demanding the same in Europe.

For sure it is good for those supporting muslim imperialism or caliphate, imams ruling Europe.  Good for them, islam being spread in those parts of the world, not being conquered so far. Not for others,

Who in Europe not being a muslim, is looking forward to such a historical change?
Growth is good, depends on what sort of growth. It is good with change, of course depending on what sort of change.

This growth and change can not be called good by any normal person.

torsdag 18 augusti 2016

Sweden? Or an Arab state?

Being told we ought to help the so called developing world. The UN flag on the school-yard was hoisted.

Today watching swedish TV. Wondering whether being in Sweden or in an Arab state?
There is a lot of talking about the Arab states. The last 40 years. Africa, Middle-East, Central-Asia, and about India. Each day, each evening.
Focusing on the Arab states instead of on Europe.

There is incessant talk about Sweden helping. First years with money support, technical and medical. Since about 1990 increasing immigration.

At first being being told it was just momentarily. Till things grew better and the migrants could return to their own countries, the authorities said. But it just grew and grew.

It increased and grew into an industry. So and so many each year. Growing in numbers and economical support each year. From some 20,000 a year to 50,000-90,000 and even more each year.
Labelled differently. Asylum seeekers, in special need, family reunion, looking for shelter, being poor, escaping wars.

Being told they would integrate. Instead mosques being built in Sweden as in all of Europe and in the country of the " Great Satan ", as U.S.A. was being called by revolutionaries in Iran in 1979.
Obvious they intended not to integrate but to grow in numbers and power. Sticking to their own views, ways, laws and rules as much as possible. Obviously no intention to integrate.

Also being told that Sweden needed immigration and migrants. Difficult to know what it is to be called, refugees, migrants, experts and why Sweden needs them.

Daily told there is lack of almost everything in Sweden. Like flats, medical staff, money, police , teachers. You name it. Sounds as if Sweden is not developed and instead needs immigration and help from abroad.
Next minute the government saying there are more of everything than ever before. Next minute lack of everything again. Wondering for how long time and how many can come? Can not go on incessantly.
Naturally there will always be deficiencies as long as so many are coming all the time. Constant immigration, constant deficiency.
Of course just some 0,14 of world population can not support 25% to 80-87%. For how long will it go on ?
Geographically Sweden is just a small part of Europe. Not big like Africa or the Arabstates.
Irak ca 1,1% water, population some 36 million in 2014. Afghanistan almost no water population some 32,5 million in 2015. Somalia some 1,6% water population some 10,4 million in 2014.
Sweden ca 8,97% water, population some 9,6 million 2016.
A question of demand, supply, time and of good judgement.

Being told there always was migration and that we all are migrants. Certainly not from the arabstates. Not muslims, like today. Growing more and more. Becoming majority as it goes on.

Even being compared to migration from Sweden to America. Politicians comparing migration from the Arab World to Sweden and Europe with that from Sweden and Europe to America in the 19th century. Such a ridiculous comparison.
Comparing immigration from that into Europe and the West from the Arab World with one from Europe and all the Western World to the Arab World, would be a more adequate comparison. But there is no such migration. Only one way.
Mosques being built in the Western World. However there are no churches being built in the Arab World. Very strange.

Being told that their well-educated are coming here. Thus Sweden taking well-educated from not developed countries in need of education and educated people.

Being told there was lack of money two years ago. Later on that we are loaning to manage the immigration. Then that the economy of Sweden is better than in Germany and the U.S.A.

Being told it is a duty letting as many as possible into the country. As if arab states have no responsibility for their own countries and peoples.

Sweden being the victim of failed Arab states and not only Sweden.

Being lied to all the time. For how long? How come? Hoping for a change. Must change.

Lacking words.